ezGrid .NET

ezGrid .NET v2.0

FeaturesEasy to useWritten in C# for .NET Winform applications100%...

FeaturesEasy to useWritten in C# for. NET Winform applications100%. NET managed codeOffice 2000, 2003 and WinXP themes look and feelCell centric properies - each cell is a unique objectCell Types - text, dropdown list, calendars, password, progress bars, images, checkbox, hyperlink and buttonsData BindingDrag column headersResize rows and columnsSorting: with SortHint option for correct string and numeric sortsGDI+ owner draw events for custom painting of grid and cellsHide rows and columnsCell and Column Header text with text alignmentCell and Column Header text word wrappingGutter textMany border, marquee and grid line styles to choose fromIn cell editingAnd much more.

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